Traditional Sicilian Espresso

Strong, intense coffee: just like our island

An intensely Sicilian coffee: we have created a blend that can embody all the warmth of Etna and the intense aroma of our island in a small cup. So that your break can be memorable and intensely pleasurable, any time you want.

Ionia in beans

A family tradition of blends and aromas

Ours is a story of passion: for the flavors and aromas of our land, but most of all for the search for the most delicious blends. We like to think that every day we can offer you an enveloping moment of well-being and flavor, thanks to our exquisite coffees.


How do we make our coffee?

It’s absolutely true that there’s a whole world inside a cup of coffee. In fact, the various blends are made using coffee beans with different origins. Even the famous 100% arabica blend is made using arabica beans from different countries. These are the blends used most by Ionia.


From the best coffee beans, our flavors

We have something for every taste: refined, full-bodied, light, enveloping. Our blends are the result of expert combinations, in-depth research to study the perfect balance of flavor. Because there’s coffee and then there’s expressly Sicilian coffee: our natural aptitude.