Carefully: from uniform and accurate roasting, to rapid cooling through air aspiration, during the production phases, Ionia’s coffee is subjected to focused processes. The expert blending and dosage of the different qualities as well as the homogeneous grinding are the last moments that extol the coffee and its qualities. In the end, the packaging under vacuum and the aroma-save bleeder seal the freshness and mantain the aroma.

Environmental sustainability

  • Sustainability is very important to us, so we implement our best practices to respect the environment around us.
  • Starting, for example, by transforming coffee waste into pellets for stoves. But that’s not all. The quality of our products is not only ensured by the selection of the best raw materials, but also the guarantee of absolutely perfect packaging: the weight of our products is precise, because we believe that respect and precision, even more than quality and attention, are the best way to ensure that our consumers are satisfied with our products.
In the end, our coffee cannot be separated from our respect for social and ethical spheres, in addition to our attention to the environment and to the consumer. This is why we are firmly at the forefront in the fight against racketeering and proudly resolute in pursuing a culture that makes morality the foundation of our production.

Private labels

  • Our extensive experience in Private Label production allows us to meet different requirements of customers. We offer our blends to those who want to sell a product under their own brand without substantial investment, or, if necessary, together we develop a blend and its roasting method to create a fully customized product, working closely with you every step of the way.


  • We believe that the best way to convey the identity of our coffee is closely linked to the deep understanding of the genesis of our best blends. Because producing the best Sicilian espresso is a project that we work on every day, with constant care and dedication. The same we want to convey to our partners and all those who choose Ionia, day after day.