Ionia in beans


What makes a cup of coffee unique? The choice of raw materials, obviously.
But also the care and dedication with which a project is pursued over the years. Ionia boasts a tradition that has a very simple goal: quality in a cup.
For this reason, the company’s history is certainly a delicious journey, but, above all, it is the story of a great love accompanied by the scent of coffee. Which started in a city in Catania – Giarre – and then spread throughout the world.


Spread the culture and taste of true Sicilian espresso in the world is not only a mission, but rather an attitude: we are constantly seeking the best beans and we carefully select them to offer you only the best.

From the most elegant aroma to the most intense flavor, ours is a relentless pursuit. Constantly animated by the expertise of our team, by the values that inspire our research, the constant desire to experiment and progress through Innovation and experimentation. Because behind every bean there is a precise history, and even before that a specific project, made of origins and potential flavors. And blending them to create the best combination is an art that we like to celebrate and replicate every single day, to offer – wherever you are – a refreshing cup of Sicilian character.


If coffee is one of the best opportunities for taking a break, enjoying a good cup of traditional Sicilian Ionia espresso is a ritual.

In our view, coffee is the right time to take a break from it all, to delight your palate and refresh your soul whenever you want. Whether at the cafe, in the office, or in the intimacy of your own home, we like to imagine that you can discover and enjoy all the respect and care that we put into the choice of each coffee bean, so that you can love a good cup of coffee just as much as we do.


The culture of true Sicilian coffee was born in 1960 when husband and wife Giovanni Raciti and Rossana Ottani decided to found the company “Torrefazione Ionia di Ottani Rossana.” Initially a small grocery store, Raciti’s company grew into a point of sale with coffee tasting, situated in a small town in the province of Catania: Giarre.


The unmistakable taste of Ionia coffee and the couple’s determination grew into what is today Torrefazione Ionia S.p.A., a corporation managed by the family’s third generation, united in their love for coffee, but even more so by the deep bond that unites the families that work their.

The first roaster, purchased in 1968, and the building in which the company was founded, have been replaced by modern technology and new production spaces that allow Ionian products to be exported to Sicily, Italy and the rest of the world.


After 55 years, the ambitions and dreams of Giovanni Raciti continue to be realized in every single coffee bean of the original Ionia blends, so esteemed throughout the world, stimulating the desire to look forward to reaching new goals, always focusing on innovation, quality, and passion.